Free Texture Applicator Action for Photoshop and Photographers

Free Texture Applicator!

Download our FREE Texture Applicator Action today! (TEXTURES NOT INCLUDED)


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Texture Applicator Action

Applying textures to your photos can be frustrating and confusing with all of the blend mode options and layers to work with, especially if you’re not experienced in the Photoshop program. Even if you are experienced, maybe you’re looking for a way to shave an extra minute or more off your editing time. Either way, that’s why we offer a FREE Photoshop action specifically designed to help you apply these textures to your photos.

This easy-to-use FREE Photoshop action makes it easy-peasy to apply textures to your photos.

We made things easy for you by creating this easy-to-use action that helps you choose your texture, place it, select a default blending mode, then set up the layers so that you can easily BRUSH OFF TEXTURE WITHOUT LOSING TONE!

For instance, imagine you’re editing a portrait photo. You may want to add some depth to the background of the photo, but you don’t want to affect the texture of the subject’s skin.

In that case, you can easily apply the texture by allowing the free photoshop action to do it’s work blending the texture, and then remove the texture from the subject’s skin specifically simply by brushing over it.

Satisfied customers insist this free Photoshop action cuts down the process of adding an overlay to your photo by two to three whole minutes. Multiply that times thirty to fifty photos and you are really saving some time! And if you normally have a hard time removing the texture from specific parts of your image without also removing the new tone, then this free photoshop action is essential to your toolkit.

This free Photoshop action makes it easy to achieve your vision for your photos. Not only does it make it easier for you to add and selectively remove texture on your images, but you can go back through the layers of the textures and customize them to match your style and taste.

Not only does this action make your life easier, speed up your editing process, and allow you to easily apply textures even if you’ve never done it before, it’s also a FREE Photoshop action. Just download it and use it to add Photoshop textures to your photos and also selectively remove the texture from specific parts of your photos.