IMPORTANT: To use textures/overlays in Lightroom, you must use an external software such as OnOne Perfect Layers Plugin for Lightroom, which you can purchase HERE.

 Step 1: Open Your Image in Lightroom

Step 2: To use the OnOne Perfect Layers Plugin, select File > Plugin Extras > Open as Layers in Perfect Layers.

Step 3: To add a Texture/Overlay to your image in the Perfect Layers Plugin, go to File > Add Layer(s) from File…

Step 4: Select an overlay and click “Open”.

Step 5: Change blend mode to suit your needs. We suggest MULTIPLY, OVERLAY or SCREEN.

NOTE: If you are using a PNG overlay, as opposed to a JPEG overlay (such as our Leaf & Branch Overlays), you do not need to use a blend mode since the PNG files are working with transparent pixels. Simply place the image and that's all there is to it :).

Step 6: Choose the “Masking Brush” set to “Paint Out” mode.

Step 7: Begin brushing over areas on the texture that you would like to erase.

Step 8: When finished, save your image to be brought back to Lightroom, by selecting File > Save.

Step 9: Make any final adjustments to your image in Lightroom.

Step 10: That’s it! You’re all done!