⓵ Open Your Image

⓶ Select File > Place (or "Place Embedded")
⓷ Select a Texture/Overlay & Click "Place"
⓸ Position the Texture/Overlay, then click the Check Mark to place the Texture/Overlay
⓹ Change the Blend Mode to suit your needs - we suggest Multiply, Soft Light or Screen
⓺ You will now see your new actions loaded in the Actions Panel

To view the Color Coded actions, select "Button Mode" from the Actions Menu and resize the Actions Panel into a vertical column.
⓻ To Run an Action, click on the Action Button of your choice and let the action run.

*NOTE: If you are using a PNG overlay, as opposed to a JPEG overlay (such as our Leaf & Branch Overlays), you do not need to use a blend mode since the PNG files are working with transparent pixels. Simply place the image and that's all there is to it :).



⓵ Create a Layer Mask by selecting the Layer Mask Icon ◘

       ( alternatively, you can select Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal All to achieve the same thing )

⓶ Using a soft, black brush paint over the areas on the layer mask that you would like to erase