Step 1: Create an easy-to-find "Actions" folder where you will keep all of your actions

Step 2: Download and Extract Your Purchase

Step 3: Copy and paste the .atn file(s) from your extracted folder into your new "Actions" folder

Step 4: Open Your Version of Photoshop Elements

Step 5: Make sure to work in EXPERT Mode in order to view and access the ACTIONS PANEL.

*NOTE: If you do not see your ACTIONS PANEL, go to Window > Actions to open up the ACTIONS PANEL.

Step 6: In your ACTIONS PANEL, click the tiny down-facing arrow located in the upper right hand corner of the box.

Step 7: In the drop-down menu, select "Load Actions..."

Step 8: Navigate to your "Actions" folder and select the action set you would like to load, then click "Load".

Step 9: You will now see your new actions loaded in the ACTIONS PANEL.

Step 10: To play an action, click on the Action set folder to expand and view the individual actions. Click on the individual action (NOT the action folder) you would like to play, and click the PLAY button on the ACTIONS PANEL.