Step 1: In Lightroom, select Edit > Preferences (or simply click CTRL+COMMA)

Step 2: In the pop-up screen, select the Presets tab

Step 3: Click the "Show Lightroom Presets Folder" button

Step 4: Double click on the Lightroom folder

Step 5: Next, double click on Develop Presets folder

Step 6: Copy the (unzipped) Bellevue Avenue Presets folder that you purchased into the Develop Presets folder

Step 7: Close & restart Lightroom

Step 8: Your newly installed presets are now ready to be used!

To make our products easy to download, we've packaged them in compressed ZIP files. In order to extract your .zip file, you can either use the built in extractor from your computer, or utilize a variety of extraction software products available.

How to decompress (unzip) a file on your computer:


Simply double-click on the ZIP file.

Voilà! Your file is extracted.


Right-click the ZIP file and select "Extract All".

If you find that your computer does not come with a built-in file extractor, we suggest the following programs: WinZip or StuffIt