5-Minute Photoshop - Foundations: BEGINNER

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About Foundations

This course is for Beginner Photoshop users.

It is ideal for people who are brand new to Photoshop, or for people that know a little Photoshop, but want to nail down their foundational understanding before tackling more advanced techniques.


  •   Workspace Orientation

  •   Image / File Handling

  •   Beginner Layers

  •   Beginner Adjustments

  •   Beginner Tools

  •   Beginner Workflow

This course was created to help you learn Photoshop in a simple, straight-forward, no-nonsense manner.

What's Included

Each lesson consists of a short, easily digestible, 5-minute (or less) module that fits into our busy schedule.

  • 36 Video Lessons (each lesson is 5-minutes or less)
  • Downloadable Cheat Sheet & Guide PDFs
  • Lesson Assignments
  • Lifetime Access

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