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Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions

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What's Included


Our Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions is a comprehensive, all in one photoshop action collection that will help you achieve ANY look you desire. From clean edits, to colorful, matte, film and black and white, we've covered IT ALL in this ONE AMAZING set so that you never have to buy another Photoshop Actions set again! This is the ULTIMATE one stop action set!

Clean Foundation Actions

With a click of a button, our "Everyday Primers" give your images a beautiful, clean edit within the matter of seconds!

Mix & Match Color Toning

Create your own custom recipes with our beautiful "Fresh Tone Blends"! These gorgeous toning actions make it easy to creatively tone your images!

Background Blurs

Our "Creamify" tools make it easy to give your images beautiful, creamy backgrounds and foregrounds!

Sunflares & Glowing Light

Infuse your photos with lucious light with our "Illuminate" tools! From Hazy Light Washes, to Sunflares and Floating Lights, we've got you covered!!

Clean Fresh Photoshop Actions for Photo Editing Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions

Special Features


Open Layers

To give you full control

Color Coded

For smart organization

Play Anywhere

Without layer interference

Built-In Instructions

To guide you along the way

Clean Fresh Photoshop Actions for Photographers Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions


All Bellevue Avenue products are fully compatible with both Mac and PC.

Our Photoshop Actions are compatible with the following software versions:

  • Creative Cloud (CC) 2014-2024
  • Photoshop CS2-CS6
  • Elements 11-24

Actions Included

  • Everyday Clean
  • Color Infusion
  • Rich Lavish
  • Fresh Light
  • Neutral Pop
  • Renaissance Man
  • Sumptuous
  • Rich Zest
  • Warm Pop
  • Summer Eve
  • Dulce de Leche
  • Quiet Fawn
  • Cantaloupe
  • Raspberry Tea
  • Citrus Soak
  • Cinnamon Fusion
  • Noon Chai
  • Cool Pop
  • Vivacious
  • Herbal Mist
  • Elderberry Crush
  • Succulent Nectar
  • Hand in Hand
  • Floral Ribbon
  • Bluebonnet Bouquet
  • Moonlight Grove
  • Palatial Treat
  • Soft Cotton
  • Velveteen
  • Blossom
  • Terra Cotta
  • Sweet Meringue
  • A Little Umph
  • Warm Wash
  • Floral Terrace
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Chai Latte
  • Rose Glaze
  • Deep Sea
  • Amber Soak
  • Cobalt Rain
  • Peach Blossom
  • Ripe Vineyard
  • Steamed Tea
  • Mountain Mist
  • Airy Potpourri
  • Rosy Blush
  • Spring Breeze
  • Sour Apple
  • Powder Mauve
  • Powder Coral
  • Powder Sapphire
  • Powder Sand
  • Color Splash
  • Paint Palette
  • Warm Skin (Brush-On)
  • Pink Cheeks (Brush-On)
  • Vivid Color (Brush-On)
  • Warm (Brush-On)
  • Cool (Brush-On)
  • Highlight Painter (Brush-On)
  • Shadow Painter (Brush-On)
  • Burnt Amber (Brush-On)
  • Color Doctor (Brush-On)
  • Red Repair (Brush-On)
  • Hazy Light Washes
  • Light Painter
  • Floating Light – CREAMY
  • Floating Light – INTENSE
  • Light from Above
  • Side Light
  • Sunbeams
  • Overall Brighten
  • Overall Midtone Light
  • Midtone Light (Brush-On)
  • Luxe Rich
  • Overall Darken
  • Contrast Pop
  • Crazy Deep Dark
  • Vignette Maker
  • Backlight Fix
  • Paint It Dark (Brush-On)
  • Crazy Dark Rich (Brush-On)
  • Contrast (Brush-On)
  • Highlight Doctor (Brush-On)
Clean Fresh Photoshop Actions for Photography Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions
Clean Fresh Photoshop Actions for Photographers Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions

Actions Included (continued)

  • Silky Glow
  • Lustrous Glow
  • Basic Background Blur
  • Creamy Background Tones
  • Creamy Smooth Noise Reduction
  • Lens Blur Vignette
  • Tilt Shift Effect
  • Easy Eye Sparkle
  • Sparkling White Teeth
  • Spot Sharpen (Brush-On)
  • Overall Sharpen
  • Clarity Boost
  • Dodge/Burn (Non-Destructive)
  • B&W – Everyday
  • B&W – Rich Pop
  • B&W – Bright
  • B&W – Hazy Light
  • B&W – Matte Touch
  • B&W – Matte Pop
  • B&W – Matte Cream
  • B&W – Film
  • Matte – Mild
  • Matte – Everyday
  • Matte – Pop
  • Matte – Rich
  • Matte – Smokin
  • Matte – Hazy Matte
  • Film – Everyday
  • Film – Summit
  • Film – Trail Mix
  • Film – Woodland
  • Film – Rugged
  • 960px Long Edge
  • 2048px Long Edge

What Customers are Saying!


"The creator of these actions is brilliant. From start to finish and everything in between - the primers to clean up your photo to the many different effects to create your own style through toning blends, illumination, varous effects; it's all packed into this powerful tool to make images come to life."

Leigh W.

My "Go To" Actions!

"The Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop actions are my "go to" actions for every photo I edit. Love them!"

Dee H.

Stunning Results

"I have purchased all these actions as they are the easiest to use I've come across. With beautiful professional results."

Naomi T.

Everything I've Been Looking For!

"The Daily Fresh Blend Actions set is exactly what I've been looking for. The colors are beautiful with the perfect amount of lighting and contrast. Editing my photos is fast and easy. I'm in LOVE!!"

Prosefhe B.

Love Love Love

"Best actions I've come across in a LONG time :) Worth EVERY penny!"

Nicole L.


"They blew my mind! Daily Fresh Blend also includes some of the very best B&W actions I have ever used! Needless to say, I'm smitten! They are easy to use, easy to adjust and simply beautiful!"

Holli T.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Sharon Trivelli
Significantly cut my post-editing time!

I've already tried it a few times and it actually shorten my post-editing time. Worth it!

Daily Fresh Blend Actions

This has definitely taken my photo editing to a whole new level. Using these actions has really cut down my editing time as well as giving my photos a variety of looks. I highly recommend it!

Svanhild Sleire
Daily fresh blend photoshop actions

Easy to use. Nice for brightening and elevate images after I am finished with lightroom adjustments. Recomend playing around with the masks and opacity to finetune the results.

Sylwia Prokopek
Great actions!

I love those actions for a beginning!

ionut vilceleanu
Daily Fresh Blend Photoshop Actions

So happy to have it .