Wonderlust & Whimsy Collection

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Wonderlust & Whimsy Collection

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Collaboration between Katie Andelman and Ashlyn Mae Photography

A Magical Collaboration with Katie Andelman

The Wonderlust & Whimsy Photoshop Action Collection is a magical collaboration between Katie Andelman and Bellevue Avenue!

What's Included


Together with Katie Andelman, we’ve created an alluring and spellbinding Photoshop Action collection that epitomizes Katie’s captivating and whimsical editing style. She has worked with us to pack this set full of her fundamental, tried and true editing steps and techniques to bring you a collection that you can count on to make your images stand apart!

53 Workflow Actions

The Workflow Set contains Katie’s essential workflow steps and key tools that she uses to edit her images.

This set provides you the indispensable workflow tools that you need to achieve clean and stunning image edits, retouch the face and hair, and add creative toning to personalize and fine tune your edits.

53 Magic Actions

The Magic Set contains Katie's unique magical tools that she uses to transform her images into fairytale-inspired pieces of art!

From the Magical Lights (including Fireflies and Candle Glows), to the gorgeous Sky gradients, Magic Wand and more, the Magic Set gives your image that final mesmerizingly winsome touch to your photos!

Katie Andelman Photoshop Actions for Photographers

Special Features


Open Layers

To give you full control

Color Coded

For smart organization

Play Anywhere

Without layer interference

Built-In Instructions

To guide you along the way

Katie Andelman Photoshop Actions for Photographers Magical Dreamy Whimsical


All Bellevue Avenue products are fully compatible with both Mac and PC.

Our Photoshop Actions are compatible with the following software versions:

  • Creative Cloud (CC) 2014-2024
  • Photoshop CS2-CS6
  • Elements 11-24

53 Workflow Actions


  • Warm & Vibrant
  • Crisp & Bright
  • Dramatic & Rich
  • Clean & Light
  • Pretty & Pink


  • Vivid Contrast
  • Soft Brighten
  • Striking Darken
  • Brilliant Color Boost
  • Sweet Warm Up
  • Chilly Cool Down


  • Silky & Pure Skin Smoothing
  • Effortless Frequency Separation
  • Dynamic Skin Highlights
  • Dynamic Skin Shadows


  • Fresh Glow Skin Tone
  • Pink Pearl Skin Tone
  • Snowy White Skin Tone
  • Sunny Summer Skin Tone
  • Fresh Olive Skin Tone
  • Rich Cocoa Skin Tone


  • Illuminate Eyes (Eye Brighten)
  • Starry Eyes (Eye Sparkle)
  • Leafy Green Eyes (Eye Color)
  • Ocean Blue Eyes (Eye Color)


  • Coral Blush Lips
  • Rosy Bloom Cheeks


  • Hazel Chestnut Hair Boost
  • Flaming Red Hair Boost
  • Gleaming Blonde Hair Boost


  • Forest Green Color Cast Correction
  • Blue Skies Color Cast Correction


  • Sublime Sunshine (Warm Tone)
  • Frothy Chocolate (Brownish Depth)
  • Ginger Rootbeer (Brown & Mauve Pop)
  • Apricot Dreams (Warm Contrast)
  • Iridescent Glow (Beige Pop)
  • Sweet Rosiness (Pinkish Warmth)
  • Matted Earth (Brown/Yellow)
  • Glistening Spring (Reddish Orange)
  • Magic Pop (Cool/Warm)
  • Melodramatic Cherry (Cool Reds)
  • Toasty Peaches (Orange Tint)
  • Glossy Rays (Bright Warmth)
  • Old School Editorial (Purple Shadows)
  • Broadway Lights (Dramatic Warmth)
  • Pale Palette (Cool & Airy)
  • Deep Tides (Cool Deep Contrast)
  • Quiet Moors (Beige & Bright)
  • Perfect Polish (Warm Brighten)
  • Sugared Strawberry (Blues & Yellows)
  • Cotton Candy Sunset (Blues & Pinks)


  • Resize & Sharpen for Facebook
Dreamy Photoshop Actions for Photographers by Katie Andelman
Dreamy Photoshop Actions for Photo Editing by Katie Andelman

53 Magic Actions

  • Seafoam Blue Sky
  • Desert Cloud Sky
  • Juneberry Fog Sky
  • Peach Blossom Sky
  • Lakeshore Air Sky
  • Faded Rose Sky
  • Grey Gardens Sky
  • Moss Berry
  • Purple Haze
  • White Oleander
  • Deep Woods
  • Honeysuckle
  • Lush Lemon Sun Glow
  • Peachy Clouds Sun Glow
  • Quiet Coral Sun Glow
  • Pink Popsicle Sun Glow
  • Faded Rose Petals Sun Glow
  • Golden Hour Sun Glow
  • Solar Bloom Sun Glow
  • Rainbow Bright Sun Glow
  • Candle Glow (Small Light)
  • Tinker Bell (Tiny Light)
  • Tiny Gold Spark (Tiny Light)
  • White Peony (Tiny Light)
  • Wild Firefly (Tiny Light)
  • Golden Hollow (Tiny Light)
  • Windy Mint Haze
  • Veiled Violet Haze
  • Icy Lemonade Haze
  • Mystical Daydream Haze
  • Sleepy Tusk Haze
  • Brush-On Vignette
  • Natural Linen Vignette
  • Full Moon Vignette
  • Green Thyme Vignette
  • Sundried Tomato Vignette
  • North Star Vignette
  • Crabby Apples Vignette
  • Sandy Shores Vignette
  • Magical Blur
  • Foreground Blur
  • Brush-On Blur
  • Fairy Wand - Bluebell
  • Fairy Wand - Cherry Kiss
  • Fairy Wand - Honey Bee
  • Fairy Wand - Cucumber
  • Fairy Wand - Mauve Orchid
  • Fairy Wand - Turkish Coffee
  • Grey Ophelia B&W
  • Summer Fog B&W
  • Moody Evening B&W
  • Morning Dew B&W
  • Ice Storm B&W

Wonderlust & Whimsy Reviews

Robin Chavez

"I love everything about Katie Andelman's new Bellevue Actions! I love the control it offers in editing- almost like hand-editing, but with far more ease! The colors are stunning and they breathe life back into my images. All of the actions offered are in one easy place. Users have the availability to use base actions, skin actions, toning actions and even fine tuning actions with that Katie Andelman style that we all love and admire! I typically hand-edit all of my images, but these actions provide a quicker workflow with similar quality and control. Photographers, this is a must-have for your editing workflow!"

Lindsey Lee

"Katie's actions have been a break though with my editing process ! They are powerful yet not overly processed , truly made my images give it that polished fine art finish , weather here beginner or have years of experience these are the right actions for you! I'm so happy to have found them !"

Stephanie Lemmon

"I knew that Katie’s actions would be wonderful, but the “Wonderlust and Whimsy” set is nothing short of amazing. Not only are they a breeze to use, but these actions truly add magic to your imagery. From global toning, to localized skin adjustments, this set has it all! I’ve been a longtime fan of Katie’s work, and I am SO happy that she has created an action set that allows me to replicate her beautiful edits. These actions are ones that I plan to use again and again!!"

Jackie Baughman

"If you ever have the pleasure to meet Katie, you will quickly realize she has a magic about her and that her work is, in fact, a deep reflection of her character and personality – sweet, kind, and whimsical. As I began using this action set, I could see her influence immediately from the colors and tones to the perfect retouching. Delicate and beautiful, these actions add a bit of magic to your images. My favorites include North Star vignette, the magic wands as well as the Rich Cocoa Skin Tone and the Rosy Cheeks. The tones were also SO much fun to play with!"

Stephanie Robin

"I love the Wonderlust and Whimsy action set! Editing with these actions is an absolute breeze and easily adds a magical quality to your imagery. Amoungst my favourites are, Tinker Bell (Tiny Light), Icy Lemonade Haze and Faded Rose Petals Glow though there are too many actions in this set to truly pick only a few! These actions will take your imagery to the next level and add the perfect touch of whimsy."


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Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Liz Hallford


Patti Robertson
Second time purchases actions

I purchased fall actions last year and loved them. I recently purchased three new ones for my editing collection. I am excited to try them. If they are as easy to use as my previous ones it will really enhance my photos.

Jane doe
Wanderlust and whimsy

I've just gotten stated using these actions and so far I'm in love! It's sometimes complicated and time consuming using photoshop and this really saves me time and the effects are great! Highly recommend!!

Kimberly Brown
Love the Wonderlust and Whimsy collection!!

These are some of the most amazing actions I have used ! The magic that I have created with these easy to actions has been wonderful. My photos are becoming what I have always wanted my style to be. I have had so much trouble trying to create what is in my mind but these are actually bringing it to life! Love love these actions as soon as I'm able I will be purchasing more actions from Bellevue!!!

Lindsay Carpenter
worth every penny!

OH. MY. GOSH. How have i gone so long without these presets! These are a total game-changer for me! I HIIIIIGHLY recommend this bundle to anyone who wants to try out a presets package