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The Legacy Actions

rich earthy photoshop actions for photographers

The Legacy Photoshop Actions

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What's Included


Inspired by color palettes from classic storybook imagery and midwest Americana, the Legacy Actions are subdued, old storybook-like, and reminiscent of a bygone era. These actions are centered around muted and balanced color tones; they are de-saturated, infused with browns and subtle greens, and enhance familiarity in your photos with warm casts.

Instead of focusing on strong saturation, this set can help you warm up, cool down, desaturate, and darken the colors in your photography. By balancing tones that are already present, the Legacy Actions will help to naturally reveal the perfect color palette.

If a photo appears too cold, you can play all of the warm actions to choose and combine your favorite ones. If you'd like to focus on the earth tones in your photo, there are multiple options to enhance those factors. 

Additionally, the set comes with brush on fog and ambience actions to enhance the atmosphere, as well as general adjustment actions to make it easy and swift to achieve your perfect edit.

The Legacy Actions will ultimately help you create a timeless and nostalgic mood, because these flattering subtle tones are proven to pass the test of time. They will give your images a classic finish that will warm the hearts of those who view it!

Vintage Photoshop Actions for Photographers and Photo Editing Warm Green Yellow Desaturated Timeless

Special Features


Open Layers

To give you full control

Color Coded

For smart organization

Play Anywhere

Without layer interference

Built-In Instructions

To guide you along the way

Timeless Photoshop Actions for Photographers and Photo Editing


All Bellevue Avenue products are fully compatible with both Mac and PC.

Our Photoshop Actions are compatible with the following software versions:

  • Creative Cloud (CC) 2014-2024
  • Photoshop CS2-CS6
  • Elements 11-24

37 Main Actions

  • Crisp Warm Pop
  • Contrasty Brown Green
  • Auburn Depth
  • Dramatic Warmth
  • Rich Warm Fusion
  • Sunny Bright Warm
  • Airy Crisp Warmth
  • Rosy Glow
  • Hazy Warm Soft
  • Creamy Warm
  • Creamy Warm Depth
  • Clean Cool Pop
  • Cinematic Cool
  • Brownish Cool
  • Cool Warm Rich Mix
  • Rich Deep Cool
  • Contrasty Cool
  • Colorful Rich Cool
  • Clean Desaturated
  • Bright Clear Desaturated
  • Clean Warm Desaturated
  • Clean Cool Desaturated
  • Punchy Desaturated
  • Creamy Warm Desaturated
  • Timeless Depth
  • Subtle Soft Desaturated
  • Deep Legacy
  • Dark Desaturated
  • Dark Burnt Matte
  • Dark Creamy Warmth
  • Grey Brown Desaturated
  • Rustic Dark Warmth
  • Deep Dark Blue
  • Deep Dark Purple
  • Deep Dark Wine
  • Deep Dark Greens
Timeless Photoshop Actions for Photographers and Photo Editing Warm Green Yellow Desaturated Vintage
Warm Photoshop Actions for Photographers and Photo Editing

38 Finishing Actions

  • Brighter
  • Darker
  • More Contrast
  • Warmer
  • Cooler
  • Sharper
  • Greater Dynamic Range
  • Warm Highlights
  • Crushed Highlights
  • Silky White Sunburst
  • Sunny Gold Sunburst
  • Golden Hour Sunburst
  • Brush-On Warm Light
  • Brush-On Fog
  • Timeless Finish
  • Brown Desaturated
  • Sunny Flush
  • Clean Warm Pop
  • Brown Depth
  • Grubby Brown
  • Hazy Brownish Red
  • Muted Warmth
  • Warm Contrast
  • Airy Warmth
  • Airy Cool
  • Airy Melon
  • Multi Toned Airy
  • Bright Airy Sweet
  • Vintage Cool
  • Cool Depth
  • Raisin Tint
  • Emerald Tint
  • Cool Warm Pop
  • Rich Pop
  • Desaturated Contrast
  • Yellow Glaze
  • Light Greenish Yellow
  • Creamy Cool Warm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews
Love these - super excited

I am so excited to play & practice with these actions, I have been wanting to do this style for a while & no actions I've bought can help me get that " look" like these can. Have lots of old pictures of little ones that I cannot wait to see what they look like !! These are just the look I want !!!! Thank you Ashlyn Mae

Brigitte van Teeffelen
Love It!

I have created a lot of pictures with the legacy collection and I love it!

Arthur Ellis
Purchased the photoshop actions, backdrops and overlays

The experience was great. I will definitely purchase from Bellevue Avenue again!

Ali Richards
Legacy Photoshop actions… my new go-to!

Absolutely love my new set of legacy actions! I love how it was a seemless transition Into my workflow. Should have bought these a long time ago! Thank you!

Really effective

From what I have experienced so far, the edit options are varied and work effectively.